Common Industry Acronyms

A Guide to Commonly used Industry Acronyms

ACCC: Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

ANCOLD: Australian National Committee on Large Dams

AWA: Australian Water Association

CaLP Act: Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994 ESC

CEWH: Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder

CMAs: Catchment Management Authorities

DELWP: Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

DH: Department of Health

DISC: Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee

DPC: Department of Premier and Cabinet

DTF: Department of Treasury and Finance

EMV: Emergency Management Victoria

EMMV: Emergency Management Manual Victoria

EPA: Environment Protection Authority

EPBC: Environment Protection Act and Biodiversity Conservation Act

ESC: Essential Services Commission

EWOV: Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria

FISC: Financial Issues Steering Committee

ICOLD: International Commission on Large Dams

IGEM: Inspector General for Emergency Management

IWA: Institute of Water Administration

MDBA: Murray‐Darling Basin Authority

NWI: National Water Initiative

SEPPs: State Environment Protection Policies

TCV: Treasury Corporation Victoria

VAGO: Victorian Auditor General’s Office

VCAT: Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

VCMC: Victorian Catchment Management Council

VEWH: Victorian Environmental Water Holder

VPSC: Victorian Public Services Commission

WIRO: Water Industry Regulatory Order

WMPs: Waste Management Policies

WSAA: Water Services Association of Australia

WWDN: Women in Water Directors Network



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