Director FAQs

General Director FAQs 

Where can I get the information I need when I’m starting out?

One of the first things to understand is the rich landscape of organisations supporting the water industry. This guide helps you to navigate across the landscape, learning about the role and scope of each supporting organisation. 

To understand your role as a board director or executive, you will benefit from reading DELWP’s Guide to Governing in the Water Sector in addition to this induction guide. DELWP has a webpage dedicated to governance advice – On Board – that provides helpful information to new directors. 

The Australian Institute of Company Directors also provides an excellent resource that will give you a clear understanding of the role of a board. You can access “The Role of the Board: Governance” publication here 

As a director, what legislation am I bound by? 

The Water Act 1989 is the major instrument for which our water corporation directors and executives are responsible for implementing. The Water Industry Act 1994 gives the Minister for Water powers to issue Statements of Obligations (SoOs) to our members that specify obligations relating to their performance of their functions and the exercise of their powers. Other requirements are summarised in Figure 1, and link to the Environment Protection Act 2017, the Safe Drinking Water Act 2003, the Essential Services Commission Act 2001, and their respective regulations. 

How can I keep up to date in the industry? 

We are here to help. Please get in touch with us for general information or to arrange a meeting with our CEO for advice tailored to your situation. 

VicWater provides regular training and updates to its members. Stay informed by signing up to our members update and monitoring our website and LinkedIn page. 


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