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Customer and Community Engagement – VicWater Executive Forum

Attendance at this one day forum is open to Victorian water industry executives. Each water corporation has been invited to send a maximum of two senior executive delegates to the event, with one from each of the customer engagement and pricing areas.

The purpose of the forum is to enable an executive level discussion across the water industry, regarding the expectations, principles and scope of the heightened requirements for customer engagement.

The forum will include presentations on both DELWP’s and ESC’s expectations under the new Water Plan and water pricing approach; the IAP2 model for community engagement; and a case study from the City of Melbourne. These presentations will be followed by a discussion that will be facilitated by Max Hardy, a registered IAP2 facillitator.

Both the new State Government Water Plan and ESC water pricing approach will place a stronger emphasis on water corporations meaningfully involving customers, communities and stakeholders in decisions they are making. Both DELWP and ESC are giving water corporations flexibility to define the scope and detail.