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Water Industry Director Information Session – Dams Safety/Risk Management

DELWP’s Water & Catchment Group in collaboration with VicWater and ANCOLD will be conducting information sessions on dam safety management during March 2017. These sessions will be tailored to suit Board members and senior executives of water corporations that own dams.

The information sessions will cover topics such as: the nature of dam safety risks, owner responsibilities, industry good practice, regulatory requirements and emergency management arrangements. These sessions are expected to assist organisations in understanding dam safety risks when making investment decisions. The presentations will be kept at a high level with an overview of key essential elements, allowing sufficient time for discussion.

This is a free member only event. Three sessions will be held at different geographical locations to minimise travel times (you can register below for the session you wish to attend).



Victorian water corporations own close to 450 dams constructed since the mid 1800’s. Although these dams were built to the best standards of the day, design and construction standards have advanced significantly over the years. We now have a better understanding of extreme events such as floods and earthquakes and their impact on dams. This means that dam owners need to review the safety of their dams regularly and upgrade them as necessary. Dam safety upgrades can require significant funding. A good understanding of risks associated with dams will assist water corporations in making informed decisions and determine dam safety investment priorities.