Directors Induction Guide

About the Victorian Water Industry 

The water industry plays a fundamental role in the health and prosperity of Victoria’s communities, environment, and economy. 

Safe, reliable, affordable water services are essential to the way we live. Every day, millions of Victorians trust water corporations to provide the water they use for drinking, cooking, and washing. Businesses, large and small, depend on the industry to supply them with water and sewerage services, and Victoria’s farmers rely on the industry’s services to irrigate crops, trees and vines and to water livestock. 

The Victorian water industry has been shaped according to the needs of its customers and by a national and state policy context that includes important instruments such as the National Water Initiative of the Council of Australian Governments (2004) and Water for Victoria, the Victorian Government’s strategic plan for management of the state’s water resources (2016). Today, it is a highly productive and efficient sector. 

The Victorian Government-owned water corporations are proud to deliver world-class water services to our community. The health and prosperity of Victoria’s communities, environment and economy rely on the industry’s capabilities. During the Covid-19 epidemic in 2020, the water corporations continued to deliver high quality services to their customers without interruption, and the industry is a key player in the state’s recovery from the crisis. 

Victoria’s water corporations provide services to all Victorians and visitors to Victoria, including households, businesses, and farms. The industry employs over 6,000 people and builds partnerships across the community and the private sector. In 2020 water corporations generated around $6.4 billion in revenue to support the delivery of these services. This includes operating and maintaining over $48 billion in assets and investing almost $2 billion in capital works. The industry also generated over $730 million in net revenue as dividends, levies and tax equivalent payments in 2018-2019 for the Victorian Government. 

Victoria’s water industry is recognised for its high-quality service delivery, effective governance and commitment to environmental sustainability. Victorians pay the lowest prices for water services and receive the highest consistent service standards in Australia. The industry is a ‘quiet achiever’: although its infrastructure and operations are largely invisible to the community, all Victorians can be confident in the service excellence of their water corporations, and their commitment to serving their communities. 

The Minister for Water is responsible for water policy, supported by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP). The industry is regulated by the Department of Health and Human Services(DH) (for drinking water quality) (DHHS), the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) for (environmental impact) and the Essential Services Commission (ESC) (for pricing and service standards).