VicWater and Members

About VicWater 

VicWater are the peak industry association for the water business in Victoria and we serve the nineteen water corporations across Victoria, who in turn serve their customers within the metropolitan, regional and rural areas of the state of Victoria. Our purpose is to influence government policy, provide industry forums on key priority issues, and disseminate news and information to our members and stakeholders. 

VicWater seeks to lead an innovative water industry that manages water resources sustainably and creates partnerships that focus on the needs of the community, stakeholders and the environment and we aim to be the leading advocate for Victorian water businesses in their interaction with government, its agencies and the community. 

How do we support our members? 

We offer our members a range of support for our members. Examples of Ssupport rangesinclude from networking events and professional development opportunities, providing regular communication of both general and specific issues within the Victorian water sector, advising our members on key policy issues, including finance-related policy and sector-wide policy reform. We also oversee and help execute the diversity and inclusion strategy across the sector, as well as advocating and advising on OH&S policy.  

Revealing our commitment to build diverse workforces with inclusive cultures across the Victorian water sector, our Water Industry Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2019-2023 provides a basis for annual progress reviews, which VicWater publishes on behalf of its members. 

VicWater also produces a series of industry guides to assist our members in tackling major challenges consistently and with collaborative support.    

We run webinars and workshop seriess tailored to the needs of our members on topics ranging from diversity and inclusion, safety in the workplace, mental health, leadership, challenges and trends in the water sector, among many others useful and relevant topics. We also run two major water sector conferences each year.  

VicWater hosts a jJobs bBoard and has recently launched a sector-wide sSecondment program, for the betterment of the water sector. Our website hosts a ‘members only’ zone that houses useful publications, hot topics, information on governance and other relevant information. Staff members from all nineteen water authorities and their board members are eligible to apply for access to the members portal. 

What do we stand for? 

The experiences and perspectives of the Victorian water industry provide essential insights to inform policy and regulation that affects the industry, its customers, and the communities it serves.  Our leading advocacy vehicle for our industry is VicWater’s Policy PlatformThe Platform provides the foundation for action and advocacy on regulatory reform, government policy, and the role of the industry in an evolving social, economic and environmental context. It sets out our industry’s principles and provides a consistent voice to the sector on its priority issues, such as water security, customer affordability, environmental stewardship, and financial sustainability. For each priority issue, the Platform articulates VicWater’s Policy Platform consolidates industry-wide positions on priority issues, articulating a strategic agenda for change supported by VicWater’s members. 

The Policy Platform provides the foundation for action and advocacy on regulatory reform, government policy, and the role of the industry in an evolving social, economic and environmental context. A key audience for this Policy Platform is decision-makers in the Victorian Government.