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Carbon Offsets report for the Victorian water industry


The Carbon Offsets report is a water industry guidance and decision-making support tool to help the sector navigate the complexities of sourcing carbon offsets, including how carbon offsets work, risks with using carbon offsets and regulatory and procurement challenges.

VicWater coordinated a cross-sector working group to ensure broad engagement in the guidance and development of the tools. This project was initiated by Melbourne Water and the reports prepared by Proud Mary Consulting.

Decision-making Framework for Carbon Offset Use by Water Corporations


The Decision-making Framework compliments the Carbon Offsets Report, to assist water corporations in the quest to achieve carbon offset targets.

Guideline for Unexplained High Usage and Undetected Leak Enquiries


The Victorian water industry adopted a Guideline for Unexplained High Usage and Undetected Leak Enquiries in October 2010. Its intent was to provide an industry standard for resolving enquiries from customers who receive an unexpected large water bill due to a leak at their property or due to unexplained high usage. The guideline was developed by a project team representing urban water corporations across Victoria.

Victorian Water Industry Equity, Diversity Inclusion Report


The Victorian Water Industry Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Annual Performance Report provides a snapshot for the 2019 calendar year of the sector’s performance and progress against the collective target areas outlined in the Water Industry Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy 2018-2023. The industry range (high and low figures) and industry average figure across all participating water corporations have been provided for each target area, as well as a number of case studies which highlight the range of considered and innovative actions being taken by water corporations to improve diversity and inclusion in their workplaces.

Victorian Water Industry Recognising and Managing Aboriginal Values


The Victorian Water Industry Recognising and Managing for Aboriginal Values Report provides an overview of initiatives and activities that water corporations are undertaking to support Aboriginal inclusion, participation, engagement and employment in the sector, in line with the relevant actions and measures in Water for Victoria and the Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework.

Water Industry Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2019-2023

The Victorian government has provided strong leadership for the water sector on the benefits of having diverse workforces and inclusive workplace  cultures. The appointment of gender-balanced boards is a significant and important commitment. In November 2016, the Minister for Water  endorsed the first Water Industry Diversity Strategy.

As a collective, the Chairs and Managing Directors of the Victorian water  corporations recognise the importance of having a diverse workforce, reflecting the diversity of the communities in which we work and live.

The Water Industry Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy (2019-2023)  has been developed as our commitment to build diverse workforces with inclusive cultures across the Victorian water sector. All Victorian water corporations have committed to this strategy.

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers are warned that the booklets may contain images of deceased persons.

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