8 - 9 June 2022



Helen will join the panel to discuss putting our industry at the centre of the circular economy on Thursday 8 June

Helen Millicer

Helen Millicer is one of the first in Australia to explore and speak on practical steps for Australia’s transition to a more circular economy, and we are delighted that she will bring her expertise and knowledge to the panel on our circular economy session.

Building on two decades of working and consulting nationally in government, industry and manufacturing on sustainability and circularity, in 2017 Helen won a Churchill Trust Scholarship to investigate how Australia could shift to a more circular economy, with a particular focus on plastics. In 2018 she was appointed by the EU as Chair of the EU-Australia Leadership Forum on Circular Economy, and in 2021 by the Australian Government to lead a national and global project on ways to influence circular product design.

Helen has worked in national sustainability roles for two decades on energy, carbon, water and materials. She has an extraordinary span of knowledge having worked on seminal projects including Victoria’s first 50 Year Water Plan, Clearwater on integrated urban water at Melbourne Water, renewable energy, organics recycling, plastics and chemicals manufacturing and recently on Victoria’s ground-breaking Circular Economy Action Plan and Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation’s targets to 2025.

Helen is currently Chair of the Churchill Trust Panel for Industry, Agriculture and Logistics, Board Advisor to Replas Recycling and consulting on projects, including on climate change and emissions reduction.

Helen has won a number of awards and scholarships for her achievements and contributions to society, holds qualifications in business management, carbon accounting and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Our program theme for 2022 is 'Resilience and Readiness'

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