8 - 9 June 2022



Karlene Maywald is South Australian Water Ambassador at South Australian Government - Dept Environment & Water

Karlene Maywald

Karlene Maywald is Managing Director of Maywald Consultants Pty Ltd, providing specialist advice to the private and public sector.

Karlene's time as a Cabinet Minister with the SA Government has given her extensive experience in high level strategic planning, oversight of major infrastructure planning and delivery, reform of governance and organisational structures, budget oversight, change management, problem solving across a broad range of high risk sectors and driving the delivery of major policy reforms.

She has an intuitive ability to analyse and identify key information to support decision making and a very good understanding of the importance of good governance.

She is a skilled negotiator and communicator with strong media skills.

It is her ability to focus with drive and energy towards key objectives that achieves results. She uses her inquiring mind to seek innovative solutions to overcome obstacles and generate improvements to service delivery.

She displays her leadership ability by her courage to take calculated risks, to show initiative, to mentor, to enthuse others, and to accept responsibility.

Karlene has a recognised capacity to engender strong support from stakeholders and a strong focus on building leadership and developing people strategies.

Establishing solid relationships with key stakeholders at the local, state, national and international levels has been crucial to her achieving success in delivering so many major initiatives.

Our program theme for 2022 is 'Resilience and Readiness'

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