8 - 9 June 2022


Paul Paton

Paul Paton is Chief Executive Officer at Federation of Victorian Traditional Owner Corporations

Paul Paton

Paul is a proud Gunnai, Monaro and Gunditjmara man who is passionate about the preservation, continuation and promotion of Aboriginal cultures. As a forward thinking all-round individual, Paul is grounded by a deep respect and understanding of people’s connections to Country passed on to us from our Elders and ancestors.

As a respected leader, Paul’s capacity as a collaborator and conscientious advocate has enabled him to form positive and long-standing relationships with many communities and like-minded passionate individuals around Victoria.

Paul firmly believes that to deeply understand, affirm, support and embed community rights and aspirations into appropriate systems and frameworks is pivotal towards achieving better outcomes for communities, culture and Country into the future.

Our program theme for 2022 is 'Resilience and Readiness'

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