8 - 9 June 2022



Tony Wulff will present in the session on digital business, and will share Goulburn Valley Water's digital journey

Tony Wulff

Tony Wulff, along with Steve Capewell, will join the Annual Conference to share Goulburn Valley Water's digital journey and will provide some fascinating insights to how digitisation changed Goulburn Valley Water's value  proposition in many ways.

Tony joined Goulburn Valley Water in June 2019. He is tasked with transforming the organisation to a customer and community focused service delivery enterprise, enabled by digital and technology.

Tony is a highly regarded transformation executive in global enterprise strategy, execution and capability development. His experience in finance, technology and professional sport has enabled him to deliver high quality business outcomes in challenging, fast-paced industry environments.

Leveraging his experience from professional yachting, he has a unique perspective on cultural leadership and problem solving that has placed him well to bring new thinking to the Water Industry that will set the foundations for an exciting approach to delivering community value.

Our program theme for 2022 is 'Resilience and Readiness'

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