20 - 21 May 2021


Alix Sampson is joining the panel for IDAHOBIT in the Diversity & Inclusion stream Thursday 20 May 2021

Alix Sampson

Senior Diversity & Inclusion Advisor, AGL Energy

Alix Sampson (she/her) will join us at Connect 2021 in the Diversity & Inclusion stream, sitting on the IDAHOBIT panel. Alix is the Senior Diversity and Inclusion Advisor at AGL and is an ‘out’ LGBTQ+ role model within and outside her workplace.

She is a co-founder of Rainbow Women, a professional network for LGBTQIA+ women that has over 85 members, across 17 industries and 28 organisations. Alix is passionate about the inclusion of all people, recognising barriers people face in society due to their compounding identities.

She lives and breathes inclusion in her daily life, at home, at work, through social media, and with people she connects with at external and internal events. Alix is considered a mentor by many, from those in her local community, to peers in her workplace, to executive leaders seeking the best way to be more inclusive.

Catch the IDAHOBIT celebrations in the
Diversity & Inclusion stream Thursday 20 May

In-person or online

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