20 - 21 May 2021


Chris will be part of the panel discussion on the Insights program,
Diversity & Inclusion stream,
Thursday 20 May 2021

Chris Brace

General Manager Growth Futures, Yarra Valley Water

Chris Brace will join us at Connect 2021, along with Natalie Foeng, to talk about diversity and inclusion, with a focus on the DELWP Insights program. A program that aims to support women in the water sector who want to lead at the highest level.

Chris is the General Manager of Growth Futures and is responsible for reimagining new urban water futures through both growth servicing and new value creation strategies. As an engineer he has worked extensively in the water sector on asset delivery programs, major projects and stakeholder collaborations. Chris’s approach to life centres on a people first ethos and a passion for achieving outcomes that make a difference to his customers, his community and the natural environment.


Catch the Diversity & Inclusion stream Thursday 20 May

In-person or online

Program Partners 2021


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