20 - 21 May 2021



Alan Sutherland is the keynote presenter, Thursday 20 May 2021

Alan Sutherland

Chief Executive, Water Industry Commission for Scotland (WICS)

We are excited to have Alan Sutherland as Connect 2021’s keynote speaker. A true visionary in the water sector, he is responsible for a raft of reforms within the Scottish water sector that revolutionised the sector. As the Victorian water sector (and Australian water sector more broadly) faces similar challenges that the Scotland water sector did, Alan’s will generously share his learnings, expertise and lived experience in navigating a path to a more sustainable water future in Scotland.

Alan is the Chief Executive at the Scottish Water Industry Commission (WICS). He has been in this role since 2005; when WICS was first established. Prior to this he was the Water Industry Commissioner, so he brings significant water sector knowledge and experience to the table.

Alan’s professional achievements are significant. He has overseen the merger of three water authorities, worked with the Scottish Government to develop a regulatory framework, implemented the world-first model that allowed competition within the water and sewerage market for non-households. This model has facilitated new and improved services, reduced costs and shifted the focus to greater efficiencies in water use.

As an advocate of customer-centric price control, in 2015 he introduced the Customer Forum, as part of the 2015-21 Strategic Review. He is currently working with Scottish Water and other water sector stakeholders to implement the principles of Ethical Business Practice and Ethical Business Regulation. Alan is supporting the Scottish Government’s Hydro Nation initiative and has supported other capacity-building projects that facilitate the development of economic regulation and of sustainable water industries in wide-ranging countries across the EU and beyond.

He has a background in management consultancy and investment banking, has an MBA and an MA from the Wharton School and the School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania and an MA (Hons) from the University of St Andrews.

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