20 - 21 May 2021


VicWater Connect is an exciting new four stream conference program running over two days, aimed at mid-level managers right through to senior executives and board directors.

Each stream is dedicated to one of the four pillars of focus for VicWater:

  1. Leadership and Innovation
  2. Policy and Environment
  3. Finance and Risk
  4. Diversity and Inclusion

All streams will include a combination of presentations and panel discussions on the latest initiatives as well as current issues facing our sector. We will also cover how VicWater is playing our role in each of the four areas and how you can become more involved.

This is our first truly hybrid event, so whether you can attend in person or prefer to join us online, we can’t wait to Connect with you 20-21 May 2021!

An exciting new format

Attend in person or online, Connect will feature a two way stream so you can participate in real time from wherever you are


The VicWater Connect conference program is designed for mid-level managers through to senior executives and board directors. Broken into four streams across a two-day period, it’s an opportunity to connect with like-minded peers. Each stream explores one of the four VicWater focus areas, with panel discussions, presentations and workshops. And for the very first time, delegates can attend in person or online, collaborating in real time.

How to Connect

There are two ways you can connect at the VicWater Connect conference. You can attend in person at the Langham, Melbourne or join us online via a computer, phone or tablet. Either way you can actively participate in the program in real time as we stream both directions live.

Delegates can also catch up on sessions missed, or watch their favourite sessions again, links to the Replay will be available to all attendees.

Sponsorship opportunities are now available

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