20 - 21 May 2021


Dr Nick Fleming is a company director, strategic leader, educator and mentor, solving complex problems in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors


Dr Nick Fleming

Managing Director, Innergise

Dr Nick Fleming will join us at Connect 2021 and will present in the Leadership & Innovation stream. Nick will talk about scalable innovation in the water sector. His presentation, entitled ‘The surprising secrets of scalable innovation in the water sector’, will provide practical, evidence-based insights to illustrate how the water sector can make innovation a more routine and achievable aspect of modern operations, asset development and service provision.

Commonly held beliefs and approaches to innovation will be challenged in surprisingly useful ways. Examples from the water sector and other industries will be used, along with behavioural science, to bring the insights to life. The presentation will be valuable to operations staff, executives and company directors alike.

Nick is the founder and director of Innergise, a firm focused on fuelling productivity, progress and prosperity by helping people to conceive, design and deliver better programs, projects and ways of working. Nick previously held global leadership roles in top-tier professional services firms and worked across multiple countries and industry sectors. He is recognised as a routine innovator, has managed organisational innovation functions and aided water corporations and other businesses to drive valuable innovation outcomes.

He is a non-executive director of South Gippsland Water and the National President and Chair of the Board of Engineers Australia. He also leads executive development programs with the ANZ School of Government on complex public policy problems, effective policy implementation and systems thinking. He has authored two internationally recognised books, the first on intentional design of sustainable infrastructure, and the second on real-world problem solving (which is soon to be released).

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