GovernmentRisk360 Workshop for Water Executives and Senior Managers

Thursday 17 March 2022
9.30am - 11.30am

GovernmentRisk360® is a methodology developed by FPL Advisory to systematically capture risks that arise from government activity to inform an organisation’s strategic decision-making.

VicWater have negotiated a discounted rate exclusive to our members interested in the GovernmentRisk360® Workshop.

Each 2-hour workshop is designed for executive level management to work through a tailored process to resolve crisis incidents and other major government challenges commonly faced by the Victorian water sector.

Learning Outcomes

  • Developing an understanding of how government decision making is creating uncertainty to your organisation through the lens of political, regulatory, compliance, operational, reputational and opportunity risk.
  • Understanding how to identify risks with respect to government decision making in the external environment of your organisation
  • Identify opportunities within your role to support your organisation in undertaking government engagement activities by recognising risks and opportunities in the external environment to managing relationships across government

Our first workshop will run as a mixed group with a maximum of 12 participants but we can also arrange workshops for individual water corporations on request. The program will run via an interactive ZOOM session and delegates will each receive pre-set reading materials one week prior to the workshop.

Fees invoiced at $345.00 +GST per person

Registrations close Thursday 10 March 2022 (unless sold out prior)
This is an interactive ZOOM session. Links will be sent to all participants prior to the event.
Workshop requires a minimum of 10 to proceed.

The Program

How governments in Australia have responded to the COVID-19 emergency demonstrates the levers available to intervene in every business or organisation and is an extreme demonstration of government risk – the GovernmentRisk360® methodology provides a six step framework to assess what levers may apply to your organisation both in extreme events and ‘normal’ operations.


Political Risk

External changes in the political landscape, focused on matters such as electoral cycles, government stability and other localised political events.


Regulatory Risk

Where a change in government regulation creates new conditions on operations (such as packaging or promotion restrictions).


Operational Risk

Where a shift in government focus or policy disrupt business inputs (such as energy policy settings) required for normal business operations.


Reputation Risk

Where an organisation’s actions impact on their licence to operate and hamper their ability to engage with government stakeholders.


Compliance Risk

Created through an organisation’s or industry’s failure to address or enforce critical compliance criteria which could trigger an escalated government policy or regulatory response.


Opportunity Risk

Where an organisation has limited visibility or influence of government stakeholders, relationships, institutions or policy settings and so are unable to realise opportunities.

The GovernmentRisk360® methodology systematically captures risks that arise from government activity in an Australian domestic context and while GovernmentRisk360® has universal applications, it has been designed with an Australian domestic focus for firms and organisations operating in Australia.

The methodology is applied to client projects including bespoke Project or Organisational Risk Reviews, commissioned sector analysis and as reporting inputs to broader risk management and government engagement planning.

It is a proactive tool to understand, assess and mitigate the impacts of anticipated government related risks on an organisation’s mission.

Workshop Presenter

Steve Cusworth
Managing Director
FPL Advisory

Steve Cusworth leads the range of activities and advisory services undertaken by FPL Advisory for clients in the private, government and not-for-profit sectors.

Steve has significant experience in developing and delivering long term reform programs for clients in addition to strategic engagement advice and execution activities. With experience as an adviser and Chief of Staff in the corporate sector, Steve has a comprehensive understanding of the tensions and demands across the government arena.

FPL Advisory is a team of specialists resolving risks and creating opportunities with respect to government. FPL Advisory work with public sector and corporate clients to execute strategies for owning and managing change.

Register your place for GovernmentRisk360

Fees invoiced at $345.00 +GST per person

Registrations close Thursday 10 March 2022 (unless sold out prior)
This is an interactive ZOOM session. Links will be sent to all participants prior to the event.
Workshop requires a minimum of 10 to proceed.