20 - 21 May 2021


Livia Bonazzi will discuss the VicWater Policy Platform in the Environment and Policy stream
Friday 21 May 2021

Livia Bonazzi

General Manager Strategy and Innovation, Western Water

Livia Bonazzi will join us at Connect 2021 in the Environment & Policy stream to talk about the policy platform. Livia is the General Manager of Strategy and Innovation at Western Water. She specialises in the strategic planning and management of public infrastructure and optimising investment decisions in asset-intensive organisations accountable to the community.

She is a passionate advocate for sustainable regional and urban development, and strives to improve social, economic and environmental outcomes. With an MBA and qualifications in architecture, arts, planning and design, Livia is an unconventional thinker, a passionate advocate for sustainable asset management and land use planning, and tirelessly strives to improve outcomes for the community.

Her current role involves extensive community engagement and inter-agency collaboration to develop and implement innovative policies and integrated planning solutions to efficiently service the unprecedented urban growth in Melbourne’s western and northern growth corridors.


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