20 - 21 May 2021


Matt Iversen is part of the WaterAble panel in the Diversity & Inclusion stream
Thursday 20 May 2021

Matt Iversen

Knowledge Management, Western Water

Matt Iversen will join us at Connect 2021 in the Diversity & Inclusion stream. He will join the discussion around WaterAble. Matt works at Western Water as a Knowledge Management Advisor, and previously in the Customer Experience team and has a long history in the energy industry. Matt will bring his lived experience of disability and chronic pain to the discussion at Connect.

He is proud to serve on the organising committee for WaterAble because and his lived experience informs his work with then “I know first-hand how hard it can be to get great opportunities to advance your career, when you’re disabled. I’m so appreciative of my current role in the industry and I would love to be able to able to facilitate more opportunities, for other disabled people.”


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