20 - 21 May 2021


Tim White is part of the panel discussing if finance is playing the enabling role it should
in the Finance & Risk stream
Thursday 20 May 2021

Tim White

Founder & Executive Director, Utilities Regulation Advisory

Tim White will join Anthony Hernan, Sarah Heath and Sarah Thomson on the panel as they discuss the question ‘Is finance playing the enabling role it should?’. With vast experience advising on water regulation, Tim will bring an external point of view to the discussion.

Tim is the founder and Executive Director of Utilities Regulation Advisory and has almost 20 years’ experience providing strategic regulatory advice to network businesses (both public and private sector), economic regulators and governments around Australia and overseas.  Most recently, Tim was the Director in charge of KPMG’s national water regulation practice, as well as KPMG lead for the Victorian water sector.

Tim’s experience spans advising regulators on reforming economic regulation to deliver better customer value, government departments on structural reform and commercialisation of assets, planning, development, review and defence of regulatory submissions, and performed independent reviews of regulatory proposals. You can read more about Tim’s professional achievements here

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