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Red Tape Reports

VicWater has begun preparing a series of red tape reports. Each report will focus on a single issue of regulatory burden for the water industry – where the cost of the regulation exceeds the benefit, or where the regulation is not addressing a legitimate issue or risk. The objective for each report will be to lobby the relevant agency, and if necessary the relevant minister, for the requirement to be removed or altered to reduce the burden. VicWater welcomes your input to identify topics for future red tape reports. Please send any suggestions to James Cleaver.

Scheduled Premises Regulations Review 20% limit on capacity increases

23 Feb 2018

During the Review of the Scheduled Premises Regulations, VicWater negotiated with the EPA to create a category of activities that received an automatic exemption from a works approval. This allowed water corporations to immediately proceed with a range on modification and upgrades without an EPA regulatory approval process. VicWater has achieved a subsequent relaxation of […]

Native Vegetation Clearance for maintenance works

23 Feb 2018

Under recent changes to the Native Vegetation Clearing Regulations, water corporations will no longer require an approval from local government to clear vegetation for the purpose of conducting maintenance works on a water utility installation. The outgoing Regulations required water corporations to seek individual planning approval for each maintenance activity, or submit to the onerous […]

PCRZ approvals

23 Feb 2018

Until 2014, water corporations benefitted from a broad exemption in Clause 62 of the Victorian Planning Provisions which allowed water corporations to carry out certain works in Public Conservation and Resource Zone (PCRZ) land without planning permission. In April 2014, this broad exemption was replaced by one which specifically applies to the Public Land Manager. […]