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Puddle Account Streamlining Workshop Report

As a part of the 2017 Puddle Account, PwC has coordinated a one-off transition to streamlined reporting. The transition project includes a review of the 2016 streamlined Whole-of-Government financial report, consideration of areas of focus for water corporations, and a review of disclosures to determine if any can be omitted or reduced based on relevance to the reader, while complying with the AAS, FRDs and other legislative requirements.

Puddle Model Accounts Initial Review

The initial review was followed by a workshop on 10 March (involving water corporations, VAGO and DTF) to discuss and share findings of the initial review, propose a model for the restructure of the 2016- 17 Puddle Account and receive feedback on the proposed model. A summary report outlining the redesign of the Puddle Account including: re-ordering of disclosures, removing disclosures that are not needed/immaterial, re-writing disclosures to make them more readable for the users, is provided

Puddle Model Accounts – Streamlining outcome report