Implementation of EPA revised guideline for water recycling

Practical guidance material to support the implementation

In March 2021, EPA released a revised guideline for water recycling 1910.2: Victorian Guideline for Water Recycling. This revised guideline combined and updated several recycled water guidance documents into a single document.

By necessity and design the new guideline for water recycling is a high-level document that sets out the overriding principles and requirements for water recycling in Victoria, but lacks a lot of detailed information on how to implement the guidelines.

In order to ensure a streamlined, consistent and low-burden implementation of the revised guideline, DELWP is funding VicWater to oversee the development of three pieces of industry guidance.

The three pieces of guidance are:

  1. A practical guide to help Class B and C scheme proponents develop a HEMP, including an application template, checklists, worked examples and lists of approved or specific technologies and approaches that are known to work and can be used for such schemes.
  2. An audit guide to help recycled water scheme proponents fulfil auditing obligations, including information on internal/external audit scope, guidelines and checklists.
  3. A guide for Customer Site Management Plans (CSMP), including a standard template for CSMPs, case studies and examples for various end uses/classes/levels of risk, and an accompanying guideline/checklist including a number of suggested/mandatory controls to protect human health and the environment.

Project status updates

Recycled water guidelines

During January, VicWater wrote to EPA in relation to mandated Log Reduction Values (LRV) in the draft recycled water guidelines.…

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