Planning Codes for Sustainable Animal Industries

In 2015 a Ministerial Advisory Committee, known as the Animal Industries Advisory Committee (AIAC), was established to consider how a planning system can better support the establishment and expansion of productive, competitive and market-responsive animal industries in Victoria, while balancing environmental outcomes and community expectations. In April 2016, AIAC released its final report.

In October 2016, the State Government released its response to the AIAC report, which contained 12 Actions to deliver a Strategic Vision for Victoria's animal industries that:

i) continues to grow Victoria's animal industries in a sustainable manner;
ii) ensures the environmental and amenity impacts of animal industries are considered and well-managed through the planning system;
iii) ensures local government is supported to make well-informed decisions; and
iv) both community and industry has confidence in Victoria's animal industries.

Since the release of the Government's response, various departments and agencies have been working on the delivery of the 12 identified Actions. The last of the Actions to be delivered is the development of both general and specific Planning Codes for Sustainable Animal Industries.

Over the past 18 months, the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR) has been working up drafts of these Planning Codes, with a range of internal and industry stakeholders; DJPR have now turned their attention to engagement with external stakeholders, including the state's water corporations.

Once the Planning Codes have been finalised, they will be provided to the Minister for Planning for incorporation into the Victorian Planning Provisions (VPP).

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