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Other supportive arrangements

VicWater work with organisations inside and outside the water sector to deliver outcomes that benefit our members and the broder sector.

To that end we have a number of organisations that support VicWater’s activities by providing a range of non financial or discounted services on an ad-hoc basis. In addition we have a number of groups that we provide support to, aiming to leverage efficiencies and maximise resources.

These arrangements include:

Andrew Sherman from Russell Kennedy Lawyers is often called on by VicWater to provide the industry with legal advice. Andrew has always been not only excellent in the advice that he has provided but has often done so pro-bono. As such, we would consider Andrew Sherman a key a supporter of VicWater and more broadly the Victorian water industry.

Treasury Corporation of Victoria

Treasury Corporation of Victoria (TCV) has provided support to VicWater for a number of years by facilitating key industry ministerial dinners. TCV also provide expert presenters at VicWater events, providing the industry with presentations on financial risk management, and the latest economics and markets information.

Alastair Macphee from DLA Piper has been called on by VicWater to provide the industry with legal advice in his specialised field of governance on a number of occasions. Alastair has also given his time, for a nominal amount, to present at a number of VicWater events, delivering important governance messages to the industry. As such, we would consider Alastair Macphee a key supporter of VicWater and more broadly the Victorian water industry.

Institute of Water Administration (IWA) exists to provide a forum for sharing information, networking and professional development in the Victorian water industry. A strong working partnership (via an MoU) exists between IWA and VicWater. VicWater provides IWA with administrative support to deliver their calendar of events and to align industry events wherever appropriate to maximise outcomes and minimise duplication.

Intelligent Water Networks (IWN) is a partnership between VicWater, 18 Victorian water corporations and DELWP. The IWN is committed to assisting the Victorian water industry to experiment and learn from shared challenges and opportunities. VicWater sponsors the project, has representation on the IWN Executive Group and provides banker and secretariat support.

Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) exists to advocate, collaborate and innovate to deliver value on behalf of its members. A strong working partnership (via an MoU) exists between WSAA and VicWater to enhance the value to the respective Associations’ members.

The Water Industry Operators Association of Australia (WIOA) works to promote standards of education and training to ensure efficiency and competency of members, to preserve clean waterways, protect Public Health and the environment, and to share information. VicWater works in collaboration with WIOA in furthering the capability and professional development of operational staff in the Victorian water sector.