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GWMWater establishes end-to-end water trace within network

GWMWater has installed digital water meters across a third of Victoria; demonstrating that digital metering can move from the trial stage into delivery and then become part of business as usual. The utility, which covers around 62,000 square kilometres, or around 25 per cent of Victoria, has replaced 29,000 water meters across urban areas with…

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footprint® 2.0 – The smart metering platform for business, just got smarter!

Built for business, footprint® 2.0 provides network wide, near real-time monitoring of water, gas and electricity meters as well as trade waste parameters. The web-based solution will support your business to: Detect leaks and unusual consumption Visualise use in near real-time Enhance environmental reputation Compatible with any data logger, footprint® 2.0 provides the visibility and…

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