Victorian Water Sector

The Victorian water sector is made up of nineteen water corporations constituted under the Water Act 1989. The water corporations provide a range of water services to customers across the State. Several of them also manage bulk water storages and designated recreational areas throughout Victoria.


Do you need help determining who provides your water services?Click here image

Click the button to view a tool that will show you which of the nineteen Victorian water corporations provides you with your water services  [type your suburb in the Your Local Water Info field and click Search]. If you are already connected to water services you can also look at your last bill to get this information.



Who manages Victoria’s catchment resources?Click here image

There are 10 Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs) across Victoria who are primarily responsible for managing catchment resources. Click the button to view a list of the CMAs which also links you to their websites.


Who regulates the Victorian water sector?Click here image

Regulators play a key role in setting economic, environmental and social obligations upon water businesses. The Minister for Water is the water industry’s portfolio Minister. Click the button to view a list of the various regulators and to read an outline of their regulatory role in the Victorian water industry.