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Water Act 1989

The primary piece of water legislation in Victoria. It provides the legal framework for water management and use across Victoria, including the issuing and allocation of water entitlements and the provision of water services by state-owned water corporations and catchment management authorities.

Water Amendment (Governance and Other Reforms) Act 2012 (Governance Act)

This Act was passed by Parliament on 29 March 2012 and is effective from 1 July 2012.

The Governance Act establishes a more uniform and improved governance and operational framework for all state-owned water businesses in Victoria.

The Governance Act converts the three Melbourne water retailers – City West Water Limited, South East Water Limited and Yarra Valley Water Limited – from Corporations Act companies operating under the Water Industry Act 1994, into statutory water corporations that will operate under the Water Act 1989.

The amendment has resulted in all water corporations in Victoria being governed under the same legislation – the Water Act 1989.

State Owned Enterprises Act 1994

Establishes the Melbourne retailer companies and as a result are subject to Corporations Law.

Melbourne Water Corporation Act 1992

Establishes the State-owned metropolitan bulk water and sewerage company, Melbourne Water Corporation.

Metropolitan Board of Works Act 1958

Sets out the powers and functions of Melbourne Water.

Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994 (the CaLP Act)

Under the Act, Victoria is divided into ten catchment regions and a Catchment Management Authority (CMA) is established for each region.

Environment Protection Act 1970

Prevents pollution and environmental damage by setting environment quality objectives and establishing programs to meet them.

Health Act 1958

Assists in protecting public health in Victoria in partnership with the community.

Constitution (Water Authorities) Act 2003

Keeps the responsibility for ensuring the delivery of water services in public hands.

Safe Drinking Water Act 2003

Protects and improves the quality of drinking water supplies in Victoria.

Water Legislation (Essential Services Commission and Other Amendments) Act 2003

Establishes the Essential Services Commission (ESC) as the economic regulator of the water industry. Furthermore it enables the ESC to make pricing determinations for the water industry.

Essential Services Act 2001

Provides for the ESC’s broad objectives, functions and powers in regulating the water industry.

Financial Management Act 1994

Most water businesses are required to complete an annual report under the provisions of the Act.

Audit Act 1994

Provides the legal basis for the Auditor General’s access to all Government information and the freedom to report findings arising from audits to Parliament.