These Principles express the core values of Victoria’s water industry. They reflect a shared understanding of the role of water corporations and underpin the industry’s activities and advocacy.

1. Serving our customers and communities

  • Supply: The industry supplies sufficient and fit-for-purpose water to all Victorians.
  • Affordability: The essential water and sewerage services provided by the industry shall be affordable for all Victorians.
  • Customer service: The industry strives to maintain high-quality, reliable, and accessible services.
  • Participation: The industry seeks out customer and community opinions and includes them in its decision making.
  • Community benefit: The industry is committed to generating benefits for the communities it serves and supporting Victoria’s regions to flourish

2. Responsible environmental stewardship

  • Sustainability: The industry’s activities recognise the sustainable practices of Caring for Country by First Nations People as essential to the continued availability of water resources in Victoria.
  • Ecosystem resilience: The industry works to build the resilience of natural ecosystems and catchments, especially in the context of climate change.
  • Intergenerational equity: The industry’s activities in the present shall maintain or enhance the environment for future generations.

3. Good governance

  • Safety, health, and wellbeing: The industry prioritises the safety, health and wellbeing of our employees and the community.
  • Efficiency: The industry delivers its services as efficiently as possible, and regulation of the industry must support it to operate efficiently.
  • Accountability: The industry is accountable to its customers and stakeholders and makes transparent and evidence-based decisions.
  • Financial sustainability: The industry shall be financially sustainable and its core services resilient to external shocks and changes over time.
  • Managing risks: The industry carefully identifies and manages the risks it faces to provide safe, reliable, affordable services.
  • Subsidiarity: The decisions made in respect of the industry are best made at the most local level possible.

4. Respect and inclusion

  • Recognition of First Nations People: The industry acknowledges and respects First Nations People as the original custodians and Traditional Owners of Victoria’s land and waters, and seeks to achieve mutual benefit through meaningful engagement and participation with First Nations People.
  • Diversity and inclusion: The industry is committed to growing a diverse workforce and inclusive workplace culture that is reflective of the communities in which it operates and serves.

5. Leadership and innovation

  • Collaboration and partnership: The industry works together, and proactively with governments, communities and other stakeholders to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • Continuous improvement: The industry maintains high standards of service by continuously improving its service delivery.
  • Best practice: The industry champions best-practice in delivering services and community benefits.
  • Innovative thinking: The industry promotes innovation and encourages entrepreneurship to address challenges and achieve service excellence.

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