Recreational Use of Water Storages


Recreational activities at water storages contribute to liveability and community wellbeing. There is increasing demand for these activities throughout Victoria and for facilities and services that support them. In Water for Victoria the Victorian Government committed to supporting recreation at water storages with infrastructure and better information.

Recreational access to water storages can threaten water quality. Providing facilities and services to support recreation at water storages is additional to the essential services provided by water corporations and has operational and resourcing impacts. However, there is a clear expectation from the community and from the Victorian Government that these services and facilities will be made available. Water corporations need to balance the risks to water supplies and the cost to customers of providing additional unfunded services to the community with their commitment to supporting recreational use of water storages.


  • Water corporations achieve a balance between facilitating recreational access to water storages and effectively managing the core functions of water storages to provide safe, reliable, and affordable water supplies

  • The costs of providing for recreational use of water storages are distributed fairly

Position Statement

  1. Sustained and adequate Victorian Government funding is needed for recreational assets, facilities, and services on and around water storages.
  2. Streamlined legislative arrangements are needed to support the effective management of recreational activities associated with water storages.
  3. More public information from the Victorian Government and the industry is needed to build community awareness of the core functions of water storages in Victoria’s water system.
  4. A whole-of-government appreciation of the obligations of water corporations to manage water storages according to regulatory standards and risk frameworks is critical for their viability to support community water supplies.

Key Stakeholders

  • Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP)

  • Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF)

  • Victorian Government and local government land managers

Underpinning Principles

  • Serving our customers and communities (community benefit)

  • Good governance (financial sustainability)

  • Leadership and innovation (collaboration and partnership)