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National Water Week

National Water Week (NWW) was first held in 1993 and is designed to assist the community to understand and take action to protect and conserve our precious water resources and habitats.  NWW creates a large scale local awareness of community initiatives that generate long-term behaviour change for the protection, rehabilitation and improvement of streams, wetlands, waterways, beaches, and estuaries. In addition, water conservation campaigns are launched, highlighted or reinforced during the week to promote water saving in the community.

During NWW Australians are encouraged to “Protect, Conserve and Get Involved” in water-related activities and celebrations around the country. NWW is an event that galvanises the actions of current and future decision makers across Australia. It delivers a strong focus on the national priority to protect, conserve and become involved in water management and is the only event that provides a national focus for the achievement of this goal.

Participation in the sustainable management of water is a social priority that is here to stay, crossing generations and the boundaries of metropolitan and regional interests. The nature of the issue provides a broad demographic to target for attitude and behaviour change, which includes all sectors of the community within the metropolitan and regional areas of Australia, and particularly primary and secondary schools.

Contact the Education Officer at your local water corporation to find out what activities are being run in your local area in or around National Water Week

In Victoria a number of water corporations have been participating in a primary school poster competition since 1995, the results of some of the more recent years can be seen below.

VicWater assists Victorian water corporations in small but tangible ways with their NWW preparations.