Gippsland Water managing director Sarah Cumming with a copy of the 2050 Vision that looks almost 30 years ahead and charts possible pathways to achieve success.

Gippsland Water is looking to the future, with the release of its 2050 Vision which explores future pathways for the organisation.

The 2050 Vision is a public document that looks almost 30 years ahead and charts possible pathways to achieve success.

Managing director Sarah Cumming said the 2050 Vision was one example of how Gippsland Water is planning for the future.

“Our customers expect us to plan for the future and this document is one example of that and what it could mean for our organisation and most importantly our customers, Ms Cumming said. The vision describes a future state where responsible water management is harmoniously integrated to support the wellbeing of people, Country and economy.

To help shape this future state we have considered the impacts of climate change, increased debt, water insecurity and an enhanced digital future. At its core the vision has four long views, affordable and secure water, smart service delivery, sustainable and prosperous region and water for a better environment.

These long views will help to inform our future decisions including leading in delivering circular economy outcomes and innovation in how we maintain and modernise our infrastructure. While this document looks to 2050, it is a vision not a plan and we will adapt to a changing world as necessary.”

Ms Cumming said developing the vision had stretched and enhanced the strategic-thinking capability of the organisation.

“We’re first in our sector to create a vision out to the year 2050 and look to how we will operate then, Ms Cumming said. We’ve identified and considered the biggest risks, challenges and opportunities to inform and guide this vision and the work, such as capability building, required to reach this end state. While we have published our 2050 Vision it is a living document and we will continue to review and update as our future becomes clearer.”

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