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  • Thursday 18 July – online
  • 9am – July Plenary Session
  • 10am – July SIG Meetings – Agendas

The July Plenary Session will feature a presentation on Building Resilience: Climate Adaptation Strategies for a Sustainable Water Future, presented by strategies for the water industry, with Michael Storey, Managing Director, Isle Utilities, Asia-Pacific.

The water industry has been faced with the impacts of climate change with increasing frequency and severity in recent years. We’ve seen once in 100-year floods occurring much more frequently, as well as severe storms, extreme heat and drought in other parts of the country.

In order to adapt to these climate changes, part of the strategy is to enhance the resilience of water infrastructure to withstand extreme weather events. Key measures involve improving water storage and distribution systems, adopting advanced water treatment and recycling techniques, and promoting water conservation practices.

This presentation will draw on leading global practices and case studies, where technology and innovation have been deployed to anticipate and mitigate potential disruptions. Now is the time to work collectively to influence and develop adaptive practices, to ensure the sustainable and reliable supply of water long into the future.

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