VicWater convenes a Safety Executive Group (SEG) which has representatives from most Victorian water corporations as members with a collective purpose to generate more drive and energy around improving safety leadership and culture across the sector.

As a collective we all do some things well and others less well and of course there is always room to improve. The SEG has been working on a number of projects over the last few years but the key one I want to focus on is the Safety and Wellbeing Commitment.

This project engaged a consultant to undertake a design thinking process to come up with a central ‘pledge’ for the sector. They engaged with people from all water corporations and include everyone from OHS practitioners, safety managers, chairs, MDs and of course the SEG.

Those who were involved were open, honest and authentic and provided some food for thought for the SEG, which I know they keep front of mind, mainly because I do as well! The outcome from the engagement was a vision to be a ‘United Water Sector – Safe and Thriving’ and to be the leading sector on safety and wellbeing in Australia.

The big challenge with anything like this though is making it real and making it mean something, so the next phase of an implementation plan was developed. This plan is a tiered plan and has actions that are owned by the MD’s Forum, the SEG and the OHS Network committee all with the collective aim of enhancing safety culture and leadership.

The plan is also mirrored with commitments from VicWater to support the implementation and water corporations to support the initiatives. This plan was endorsed by the MDs at their June meeting, and the SEG and VicWater are now working on the delivery which is where the magic happens!

If you would like to know more further information about the Commitment and the Plan please email

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