Gippsland Water team members Walk for Water

Gippsland Water is supporting WaterAid’s mission to deliver clean water to people all over the world through the annual ‘Walk for Water’.

The organisation is calling for community members to get behind its staff and join the initiative.

Walk for Water is an annual event that helps raise funds and create awareness about the work WaterAid does. It runs from 2 October to 6 October.

Everyday millions of people across the world walk large distances to access their nearest water source, so for Walk for Water week participants raise funds by walking, running, or riding a bike for five days.

Managing Director Sarah Cumming said Gippsland Water was excited to be supporting the valuable work WaterAid does.

“Our staff are looking forward to lacing up their sneakers and participating in the Walk for Water in October,” Ms Cumming said.

“WaterAid brings clean water, toilets and hygiene to people in places like Cambodia, Timor-Leste and Papua New Guinea. I hope Gippsland Water’s participation alongside the water sector and wider community will ensure WaterAid’s vital work can continue.”

Registration is free and those wanting to participate can sign up online.

To learn more about Walk for Water visit

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