The Water Minister’s Climate Innovation Challenge is currently in submission stage with submissions being accepted until 22 September 2023.

In collaboration with the Minister for Water and DEECA, IWN has invited all Victorian water corporations to take part in this exciting new challenge that encourages innovation, collaboration and sustainable thinking.

With a prize pool of $85 000 up for grabs, we’re looking for projects that improve climate resilience through reducing the effects of climate change or finding new ways and opportunities to respond to these impacts.

Submissions to the Water Minister’s Climate Innovation Challenge can be made at climateinnovationchallenge.org.au

Climate change poses significant challenges to the Victorian water sector; with extreme weather events on the rise and water scarcity an increasing concern, the need for new, adaptive measures has never been more critical.

The Water Minister’s Climate Innovation Challenge is a unique opportunity for water corporations to demonstrate their commitment towards creating positive outcomes in the face of these challenges in a collective effort to help strengthen our climate resilience and shape the future of our industry.

We’re encouraging a range of ideas focused on adaptation to the impacts of climate change whether by reducing carbon emissions, improving water conservation practices, reducing waste, or any other approach that mitigates climate change impacts.

“We’re excited to harness the creativity and innovative thinking of our industry to make a real difference to how we respond to the impacts of climate change. The Water Minister’s Climate Innovation Challenge is not just about finding solutions; it’s about fostering a community of forward-thinkers who are united in their commitment to securing a sustainable future for our industry.”

Together, we can develop solutions that not only benefit the water sector but also contribute to a healthier and more sustainable environment for all.”

Jason Cotton, Program Director, Intelligent Water Networks

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