Upcoming Forum

There are a number of public land related issues that Victorian water corporations face. VicWater is proposing a forum for property managers and persons responsible for the land portfolios in our members in April. This would be a facilitated session identifying and drawing together the big challenges that you face in managing land. From the forum…

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Infrastructure Victoria 30-year strategy

During February, VicWater prepared a submission for Victoria’s Draft 30-Year Infrastructure Strategy. The submission drew on the VicWater Policy Platform to highlight opportunities leveraging the water sector’s ambition and capability, in relation to the circular economy and energy transition recommendations. Another significant focus of the submission was the Infrastructure Victoria (IV) recommendations in relation to water…

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National Performance Reporting Framework Workshops

As part of the National Performance Reporting (NPR) indicator review currently underway the review team has scheduled a series of workshops focusing on existing indicators and the NPR audit framework. The full engagement process is outlined on the review website (https://www.npr.harc.com.au/) Workshops will target known areas of interest and contention and draw on preliminary insights…

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Recycled water guidelines

During January, VicWater wrote to EPA in relation to mandated Log Reduction Values (LRV) in the draft recycled water guidelines. At the suggestion of the Department of Health (DH), EPA inserted a mandated 1 LVR ‘operation target’ above the nationally endorsed LRV standard. If adopted, this change would significantly increase capital and operational costs of…

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A Word from the CEO

Happy New Year!  As we enter 2021, I am excited for the new prospects of the year.  Since we managed to achieve great things throughout the crazy period of 2020, what will we achieve this year? 2021 marks the midpoint of our Strategic Plan period.  Under the Plan we focus on five strategic areas (below).…

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Policy Update

Infrastructure Victoria has released the Victoria’s Draft 30-Year infrastructure Strategy for consultation. The draft strategy recommendations are grouped into four themes: confront long-term challenges, manage urban change, harness infrastructure for productivity and growth and develop regional Victoria. Many recommendations are relevant to water corporations, including on topics such as supply augmentation, liveability, water governance, waste…

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Victorian Government Procurement Reforms

On November 25, VicWater hosted a forum on the Victorian Government Procurement Reforms. VicWater contacted DTF to request this forum following the correspondence from the Chair of the Victorian Government Purchasing Board to all water corporation MDs in October. As part of the reforms, all water corporations will be required to adopt 24 mandatory State…

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Carbon Offsets Report now available

VicWater has released water industry guidance and decision-making support tools to help the sector navigate the complexities of sourcing carbon offsets, including how carbon offsets work, risks with using carbon offsets and regulatory and procurement challenges. VicWater coordinated a cross-sector working group to ensure broad engagement in the guidance and tools, which included workshops and webinars…

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VicWater High Usage and Leakage Allowance guide review

VicWater presented an updated draft Guideline for Unexplained High Usage and Undetected Leak Enquiries at the IWA Customer Services SIG on 30 July and circulated a copy of the draft to water corporations and stakeholders. The updated draft has been developed by a working group, chaired by Kerrie Clark (YVW) with representatives from water corporations,…

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