Workforce Readiness Project

The April working group meeting continued developing the DTF Investment Management Standard for the project. This meeting focussed on articulating the benefits needed to be delivered to solve the problem statements that were defined at the previous workshop.

A meeting was held with Chisholm TAFE to discuss if they had any interest in being involved in the project. The results of last year’s survey were provided to them, and they are currently considering their potential involvement in the project.

Notification was received from DJSIR that our Expression of Interest for funding under the Skills Solutions Partnerships Funding program was unsuccessful.

Carbon Offsets Project

Three working group meetings were held during April to assist MAG/Aurecon to develop the range of documents required for the Expression of Interest (EOI) process. Aurecon/MAG are currently the preparing the documents and it is expected that the EOI will be released to the Carbon market in June.

A meeting was held between MAG/Aurecon and Allens to get an understanding of the types of activities that the SPV might need to undertake.

An update briefing on the project was provided to DTF’s Commercial Division.

MAG/Aurecon has advised that it produces a monthly report on the Carbon market which is available to members. See the following for details:

Navigating the Evolving Carbon Market: Stay Informed, Stay Ahead!

The global carbon market is continuously evolving, presenting both challenges and opportunities. With ongoing policy changes, fluctuations in supply and demand, and a growing number of participants, it can be daunting to navigate this dynamic landscape. Whether you’re involved in the supply or demand side of the market, staying informed with current market intelligence is crucial for success.

Access industry insights:

  • The Carbon Monthly Report is the culmination of decades of industry expertise, compiled by Market Advisory Group’s dedicated analytics team in collaboration with leading subject matter experts. Covering key aspects of the Australian and International carbon market, from trading intricacies to policy influences, the report offers comprehensive insights.
  • As a bonus, subscribers gain exclusive access to industry insights via our accompanying podcast series, offering additional depth and perspective on key topics.

What’s in the report?

Each month readers can expect analysis and market commentary on:

  • Australian carbon markets – including analysis on spot market dynamics, demand, supply and price forecasts which are continually refined to reflect evolving policies and market conditions.
  • International markets – major global carbon schemes such as Verra and Gold Standard, compliance markets which include EUAs and UKAs
  • Policy updates – the lates on climate and carbon policy updates for both domestic and international markets
  • Moreover, each report features a ‘Deep Dive’ into a specific carbon market topic. Previous deep dives have tackled topics such as Human Induced Regeneration, soil carbon rejuvenation, Savanna Burning practices, and the implications of FullCAM and carbon sequestration changes.

To learn more please open

If you have any questions regarding this report please contact

Victorian Water Sector Recycled Products Database Project

In mid-April Aurecon provided the steering committee with the draft of the final project report. Aurecon is now finalising the report based on the steering committee’s feedback.

The project will be finished by the end of May 2024.

Other Activities

Attended the following meetings/events:

  • ESC’s Markets and consumers, efficiency and fairness conference.
  • Met with IBAC to discuss the findings of the water sector workshop it held in February
  • Held several meetings with water corporations to discuss the pending review of the Safe Drinking Water Regulations and the Department of Health’s proposed review process
  • Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water webinar about developing a new National Water Agreement
  • Provided a submission to Recycling Victoria’s consultation paper on the Victorian Recycling Infrastructure Plan
  • Attended a meeting with Agriculture Victoria discussing feedback on its Order Approving Purification Standards for Biosolids and Recycled Water
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