Workforce Readiness Project

The project working group has had its first meeting to begin finalising what the function of the Training Academy will be and then designing the best operating model for the Academy. In this first meeting we used DTF’s Investment Management Standard to clearly define the problem/issue that the sector is looking to address with the proposed Training Academy.

A meeting was help with DJSIR and the VSA to discuss the Skills Solutions Partnerships Funding program that is being managed by DJSIR and its relevance to the project. Subsequently an Expression of Interest for funding was submitted to this program.

Carbon Offsets Project

Fifteen of our 18-member water corporations have advised that they wish to continue participating in the project. Following receipt of this advice VicWater engaged Aurecon/MAG to undertake the EOI component of the project and Allens to undertake the legal component.

A working group has been formed to assist with the development of the EOI with 4 workshops scheduled to occur through April.

Work on the legal component of the project will commence in April.

Other Activities

Attended the following meetings/events:

  • BuildSkills Australia Roundtables – these looked at the challenges facing the built environment sector and the possible actions to deal with those challenges.
  • Recycling Victoria provided an update on the Circular Economy Risk, Consequence and Contingency plan discussed the Responsible Entity supporting collateral and a proposed Responsible Entity Risk, Consequence and Contingency plan template.
  • EPA Emerging contaminants in recycled water project crop sampling workshop.
  • Metro Water Authorities – Quarterly Environmental Catch Up.
  • Department of Health Water Regulation team.
  • Department of Health Safe Drinking Water Regulation Review team.
  • Provided an update on the Carbon offsets project to the Greenhouse Gas & Energy SIG.
  • DEECA’s update on its recycled water education and engagement project.
  • Carbon Market Institute presentation on its newly launched third-party Carbon farming contracts.