Women in Water Directors Network

About the Women in Water Directors Network (WWDN)

The WWDN was established to create a positive and enabling environment so that women directors can thrive and be successful in the Victorian water industry. It aims to provide a place and space for women directors in water corporations and catchment management authorities to network, collaborate, mentor and support women directors and influence their water organisations to improve gender diversity, to ensure the Victorian water industry can achieve a truly diverse and equitable water sector.

The WWDN Committee holds 3-4 events a year. All non-executive directors (regardless of gender) who are keen to support improvements in gender diversity are welcome to attend network events. The Committee also manages a mentoring/peer program for women directors, and an Allies program for male directors.

Women in Water Directors Network congratulates Westernport Water

Women in Water Directors Network congratulates Westernport Water for rethinking role structure to facilitate job share arrangements at senior levels of the organisation.

As featured in a case study from the recently published Water Industry Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Annual Performance Report:

“Developed to provide an opportunity for high performing female staff to move into leadership roles while balancing their family commitments, the arrangement demonstrated to all Westernport Water staff that the organisation is willing to accommodate flexible work arrangements at all levels of the business. As a result, we have seen other staff at leadership level seek a variety of flexible work arrangements and managers more open to considering job share arrangements.”

WWDN encourages all our water corporations and CMAs to facilitate job sharing and part time roles for both males and females.

WWDN Committee Members

Tania Fryer, Greater Western Water (Committee Chair)

Joanne Butterworth-Gray, Southern Rural Water

Dr Fiona Cumming, Corangamite CMA

Jacinta Ermacora, Wannon Water

Nicola Hepenstall, South Gippsland Water

Kate Hughes, Lower Murray Water

Janice Kelly, Mallee CMA

Linda MacNeill, Central Highlands Water

Julie Miller Markoff, North Central CMA

Karen Milward, Yarra Valley Water

Leanne Mulcahy, North East Water

Ishara Saldin, Westernport Water

Helen Reynolds, Goulburn Broken CMA

Fiona Rowland, Melbourne Water

Rachel Thomson, Central Highlands Water


Peter Morison, CEO VicWater is also a member of the Committee.

Want to know more about WWDN?

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