The Victorian water industry secondment program builds organisational capability by connecting staff with work opportunities in other organisations exposing them to new ideas and knowledge, alternative leadership styles and diverse approaches to challenges and implementations.

The Victorian water industry secondment program offers the ability to develop further skills and knowledge through matching individual interest with work opportunities across water corporations, and catchment management authorities. The program directly builds the capability of the sector as a whole.

A secondment is a chance to temporarily work in a different organisation. It can also regenerate employees who have started to feel they have plateaued in their current role and looking for a springboard into the next phase of their career. A secondment can offer a more intensive learning experience than classroom or online courses, and you get to put your new knowledge to use immediately and continuously. There are no theory or hypotheticals here, this is real and hands-on.

Hosting organisations experience the benefit of new skills, experience and perspective being applied.

Secondments pay dividends in terms of employee engagement as well. After all, what’s more engaging than a chance to develop new skills without the hassle of going to night school?

Secondments are also a great tool for employee retention. If a highly valued team member becomes restless in their role, sending them to another department for a quarter or two gives them a chance to stretch their legs without walking out the door.

VicWater is excited to support the Victorian water industry secondment program, which will help participants improve their skills and invigorate their careers and in doing so, build the capability of the sector as a whole. Secondments are a great opportunity for people to experience a new functional area in a fast and furious way. In an era of increasingly specialised skillsets and tough competition for the most talented workers, secondments are a win for both water sector employees and employers.

Secondment programs build organisational capability by connecting staff and exposing them to new ideas, alternative leadership styles, and diverse approaches. It’s an opportunity to learn further skills and knowledge they can use when they return to their regular role.

You could think of secondments as the on-the-job equivalent of exchange student programs. And just like exchange programs, they’re an excellent learning opportunity.